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Sunnen's LBB

Oct 13, 2023

Sunnen's LBB-1660 Manual Hone is a low-cost system for precision rod reconditioning and pin fitting. The complete Sunnen Rod Reconditioning System includes honing machine, gage, cap and rod grinder and tooling.

The LBB-1660 produces a round and straight honed bore, equal to or better than manufacturers’ new rods. It keeps your rod inventory to a minimum and enables you to give over-the-counter service on customers’ own rods. In addition, it reconditions eight passenger car rods in less than 40 minutes. Honing units for complete rod reconditioning diameter range of 1.450″ to 4.700″ (36.9-119.4 mm). Lifetime application service comes with every machine purchase.

The best part is in only a few jobs a month, you’ll pay for your system. Plus, the LBB-1660 will be one of the most versatile machines in your shop. In addition to rod reconditioning, it does King Pins, air compressors and small bore engines like those used on motorcycles, boats and lawn mowers.

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